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Journalists often seek the opinion of highly knowledgable professionals to bring a new perspective to the stories they cover. These professionals are usually key players, executives, analysts, researchers, advocates and opinion leaders. They are respected in their field and have an enormous amount of information, but this alone does not guarantee a successful media experience.

This Media Training course addresses the crucial challenges of giving an interview head-on, dealing with both the message and its delivery. There can be no separation between them. The most well-spoken professional will stumble at the first question if his/her message is weak. To the same extent, a strong message can be spoilt if the speaker does not feel comfortable with his/her body language when faced with a camera and/or microphone. It is key for the interviewee to feel equally confident in the message, the ability to control the interview, and his/her own delivery. It is only then that the right impact is achieved.

When the interviewee conveys a message in an engaging and assertive way, projecting confidence with his or her body language, the situation has a positive impact on the speaker's reputation and the brand he/she represents. On the other hand, if the interviewee loses control of the communication and is pushed around to answer questions he/she should not answer, the situation can quickly have a devastating impact on both the organisation's image and its business prospects.

How do you convey complex information in a message capable of engaging the audience? How can you control the headlines? How do you avoid hostile questions? How do you project the right image? How do you control your body language? Our Media Training course answers these and other crucial questions to help professionals use an interview for their own benefits.


::Preparing for an interview  ::Crafting your key message  ::How to engage the audience  ::Adjusting the message to your audience

::How to build your soundbite  ::Engaging the journalist and thinking like one  ::Staying in control during hostile questions

::Emotional  hijacking  ::Getting rid of your fear  ::Body language and eye movement  ::The use of your voice

::Understanding the backstage  ::Props and other visual material  ::Handling the media during a crisis

::Camera practice and individual advice

How much do you value your reputation?

Deliver the correct message and stay in control of your image.

Connect with the journalist and make the headlines for the  right reasons.


Take the course with you on your phone or mobile device. Train whenever you want no matter where you are.

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Why an ebook or audio book?

There are top-of-the-line professionals who -due to time constrains, budget restrictions or other reasons- can't attend a workshop or benefit from personal coaching.

Still their jobs come with high media exposure and are subject to unexpected interview requests that require a fast response. They have a vast knowledge and need to deliver it in an engaging way while staying in control of the communication.

This course is an ideal alternative for them. Professionals will quickly learn key tactics to face the media with confidence.

Professionals who have attended the workshop can also benefit from having the ebook or audiobook on their mobile devices as a go-to guide. It works as an excellent reminder of essential concepts right in their pockets.

The book

Top professionals work very hard to achieve certain results and position themselves as experts or industry references. They are extremely capable in their disciplines and very knowledgable. However, the fact that they excel in their fields does not necessary mean that they will shine when facing the media and this can reflect badly on their image.

In my years as a CNN producer I have identified three key issues in interviewees:

1- They try to say too much in very little time. As a consequence, their message is vague and loses impact. They fail to engage both the audience and the journalist, and waste a golden opportunity to communicate achievements that could have a positive impact on their image.

2- They are faced with unexpected questions, some of them might lead to hostile situations. The interviewee is taken by surprise and his/her response (or lack of it) jeopardises his/her achievements and reputation.

3- A TV or radio studio can be overwhelming for people new to this environment. Shiny sets, bright lighting, microphones, cameras, people walking around during the interview, technical equipment moving by itself… all this can be distracting and intimidating. If an interviewee does not know what to expect, his/her confidence might be affected leaving him/her more vulnerable to losing control of the situation.

The ebook -and its audio version- deals head-on with the three issues addressing:

Preparation and building a key message capable of engaging both the audience and the journalist.

Controlling the direction of the interview and avoiding hostile questions.

Message delivery, body language, technical tips.

This course is an extremely practical guide that goes straight to the core of the issues and provides crucial tips to help top professionals succeed in the media environment.

Who is it for?

The course contains vital content for corporate executives, opinion leaders, spokespeople, professionals taking part in corporate videos or webinars, and for PR professionals advising high-profile clients.


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What people are saying...

“I was delighted with the course. Extremely useful and very recommendable.” Director of Communications, European institution.

“Very good, straight forward and practical.” UN representative, México.

“Excellent tips to stay in control of one’s own message.” UN representative, Thailandia.

“This course will help me avoid mistakes I often make during interviews.” UN representative, Sierra Leona.

“Very good in every aspect and useful to increase my confidence. I can apply what I learnt to presentations and meetings.”

Associate Dean, top 5 world’s business school.

“Very informative. It will help me deliver my message better and project a positive image of my institution during interviews as well as during speeches and events.”

Associate Dean, among the top universities in the world, Egypt.

“Excellent! This course provides very assertive tips about oral communication. Very practical recommendations. It’s incredibly useful to know how to deliver one same message to different audiences.” Vice Dean, top 15 business schools, France.

“Fantastic tips to better handle press interviews and deliver presentations.” UN representative, Uruguay

“I enjoyed the most inspiring personality of the trainer, who can serve as a role example.”

Associate Dean, Head of Research, top 60 management school in the world.

“Very useful and helpful practical tips for dealing with media interviews.” Chair Research Directorate, top 100 business school in the world

“Loads of practical tips and tricks that can be used in different circumstances.” Research Coordinator, top business school.

“Lively and engaging presenter!” Associate Dean, top business school, UK

“Really valuable. Great tips to apply for presentations and public speaking situations as well. It was much more than what I had anticipated.”

Deputy Dean, Director of Research, top business school, UK

“These tips are great not only for interviews but in every day life as well.” Director Doctoral Program, top university, Russia.

“Very knowledgeable presenter.” Director PHD Program, top university, Colombia

“Very lively and practical.” UN Representative, Regional Director, South Asia.

“Teresa Martini is an excellent trainer.” UN Representative, Philippines.

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