Webinars are powerful tools to reach large audiences spread out in different locations and they serve a wide variety of purposes. They are used to present information to selected audiences, such as clients and investors; and webinars are fantastic marketing tools.

However, a webinar's success will depend on how carefully the preparation is done. A webinar gone well can increase exposure and profits; but a webinar gone bad can have a devastating impact on your business and reputation.

This is a step-by-step guide to successfully deliver your first webinar.


::Five key elements to produce a webinar  ::How to choose the right software  ::How to choose the right hardware  ::Ten crucial steps to plan your webinar  ::The presentation  ::How to structure your webinar  ::Selecting the right day and time for your webinar

::Monetizing your webinar  ::Go live with your webinar: dos and don’ts

::Using webcams: how to behave in front of the camera

Your First Webinar

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The eBook

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Why an ebook?

Webinars have become a popular way to do business and carry out training sessions. Increasingly webinars have become part of communication and marketing strategies, and they are spreading fast in the academic world. However, to conduct a successful webinar professionals need a certain knowledge of what’s involved.

Webinars can pose technical and practical challenges. If you wish to protect the image and reputation of your business -as well as your own image as a professional- there are elements you can’t ignore when organizing a webinar.

This extremely practical guide will give you the information you need to plan, produce and deliver a successful webinar.

The ebook

Whatever your reason is to deliver a webinar, how you organize it and produce it will have an impact on you as a professional. Whether your audience comes back to you in the future will depend on how successful your first webinar is.

In this guide I talk about four different aspects of what it takes to host a webinar:

1-The technical side: understand what core elements you need to hold a webinar, from the right software to the human factor.

2-The organizational stage: the 10 crucial steps for organizing and building momentum around your webinar.

3-The preparation process: how to build a compelling presentation taking into consideration both the limits and possibilities the technology offers.

4-The delivery: the best practices when you’re live with your webinar.

This ebook is a practical guide to producing a webinar capable of making the right impact on your audience.

Who is it for?

This guide offers vital information for those wishing to conduct a webinar for the first time. It is also extremely useful for professionals familiar with the procedure and wishing to have a checklist of best practices at their fingertips.

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