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Journalists often seek the opinion of experts to bring a new perspective to the stories they cover. These highly knowledgeable professionals are usually key players, executives, analysts, researchers, advocates and opinion leaders. They are respected in their fields and have an enormous amount of information, but this alone does not guarantee a successful media experience.

Our Media Training course directly addresses the crucial challenges of giving an interview and dealing with both the message and its delivery. There can be no separation between them. The best professional will stumble at the first question if his/her message is weak. To the same extent, a strong message can be spoilt if the speaker does not feel comfortable with his/her body language when faced with a camera and/or microphone. It is key for the interviewee to feel equally confident in the message, the ability to control the interview, and his/her own delivery. It is only then that the right impact is achieved.

When the interviewee conveys a message in an engaging and assertive way, projecting confidence with his or her body language, the situation has a positive impact on the speaker’s reputation and the brand he/she represents. On the other hand, if the interviewee loses control of the communication and is pushed around to answer questions he/she should not answer, the situation can quickly have a devastating impact on both the organisation’s image and its business prospects.

How do you convey complex information in a message capable of engaging the audience? How can you control the headlines? How do you avoid hostile questions? How do you project the right image? How do you control your body language? Our Media Training course answers these and other crucial questions to help professionals use an interview for their own benefits.

The course contains vital content for corporate executives, opinion leaders, spokespeople, professionals taking part in corporate videos or webcasts, and for PR professionals advising high-profile clients.