We have 100% positive feedback. Here are some of the comments our clients have submitted via our feedback forms.

“I was delighted with the course. Extremely useful and very recommendable.”
Director of Communications, European institution.

“Very good, straight forward and practical.”
UN representative, México.

“Excellent tips to stay in control of one’s own message.”
UN representative, Thailandia.

“This course will help me avoid mistakes I often make during interviews.”
UN representative, Sierra Leona.

“Very good in every aspect and useful to increase my confidence. I can apply what I learnt to presentations and meetings.”
Associate Dean, top 5 world’s business school.

“Very informative. It will help me deliver my message better and project a positive image of my institution during interviews as well as during speeches and events.”
Associate Dean, among the top universities in the world, Egypt.

“Excellent! This course provides very assertive tips about oral communication. Very practical recommendations. It’s incredibly useful to know how to deliver one same message to different audiences.”
Vice Dean, top 15 business schools, France.

“Fantastic tips to better handle press interviews and deliver presentations.”
UN representative, Uruguay

“I enjoyed the most inspiring personality of the trainer, who can serve as a role example.”
Associate Dean, Head of Research, top 60 management school in the world.

“Very useful and helpful practical tips for dealing with media interviews.”
Chair Research Directorate, top 100 business school in the world

“Loads of practical tips and tricks that can be used in different circumstances.”
Research Coordinator, top business school.

“Lively and engaging presenter!”
Associate Dean, top business school, UK

“Really valuable. Great tips to apply for presentations and public speaking situations as well. It was much more than what I had anticipated.”
Deputy Dean, Director of Research, top business school, UK

“These tips are great not only for interviews but in every day life as well.”
Director Doctoral Program, top university, Russia.

“Very knowledgeable presenter.”
Director PHD Program, top university, Colombia

“Very lively and practical.”
UN Representative, Regional Director, South Asia.

“Teresa Martini is an excellent trainer.”
UN Representative, Philippines.